MATELEC Industrial Tables, conclusions of the participants


Representatives of installers, distributors and manufacturers debated in Santiago about the peculiar moment of the electricity sector, which faces a vertiginous process of digitalisation to which companies have to respond in order not to be left out of the market.

One of the consequences of this transition from the electromechanical to the digital world, according to those attending the event, is the need for certain professional profiles that, today, are scarce in the labor market. The qualification in the technologies of the Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things is indispensable to develop in fields like the cybersecurity or the analysis of data, and the regulated training does not seem, at the moment, effective at the time of covering this demand.

Attention was also drawn to the precise financing needed to adapt to changes and implement new systems, as the disadvantage that small and medium-sized companies have over the most important companies and resources is evident.

The need for a gradual process is thus imposed, based on the association and collaboration of the sector's protagonists in order to achieve an effective and less traumatic transformation. The aim of Industry 4.0 is, according to the commercial director of MATELEC, Santiago Díez, "to manufacture more, better and cheaper ir order to be more competitive and sell more".

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